American guy with a friendly smile left a good impression in the hearts of the people and visitors here.

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Translation is a fascinating mystery.

My American friend Andrew went to Vietnam and started cleaning up trash and became a celebrity there. As I read the translated stories about him, I discovered some very enjoyable side effects of translation.

Artifacts from a Google translated article about a good guy who went to Vietnam from America.

  • Foreign boy scavenging around bushes, grass miles every afternoon.
  • Andrew J Smith is the same American.
  • The first impression of this young American was the skin and the friendly smile on the lips.
  • The beautiful act of the guy made many people appreciate and support.
  • Rubbish houses
  • Clean toilet hand to handle
  • Sharing his “jail and junk” action

Smiling Andrew, well dressed with pink plastic gloves, green trash can in background.

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