Pot Roast Katsu at Ramblin’ Jacks

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There are infinite ways to combine flavors, textures, essences of foods, but it is really hard to produce a combination that is both new and good.

So, how about some slow cooked pot roast? Call it what you want, it’s pot roast – fully infused with what tastes like a tomato paste, worchstershire tang. Bread it in panko and fry it up. Provide a wasabi aioli.

These crusty savory chunks should not be called “Beef nuggets,” even though they are about the size of fast food nuggets, because the panko is thick, is crunchy, and adheres perfectly to the meat inside.

The meat inside is, like I say, pot roast, but this pot roast is of such perfect consistency, the beef seems to believe it is firm, even tough. It embraces its own lie with fervor. Remains on your fork without crumbling by will alone. Will and panko.

As soon as it reaches your mouth, all is revealed.

The savory inside is as tender as the breading is crisp. The roast unravels, finer, finer, punctuated by less and less frequent crunches dissolving into a poignant memory. You already miss this nugget, whatever it is called.

Your world is emptier, but your experience is richer.

And all that is left is a pile of bamboo shoots and snow pea slivers. WTF! Bamboo shoots, leave. Snow peas, you ok.

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